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Area Wide Property is a development, construction, and management company based in Chicago area, and serving clients in different areas in the USA. We have over 35 years of experience in management, development, and construction. We built and continue to build an excellent reputation throughout these years.

Area Wide Property has developed a large number of retail shopping centers, and large number of single use businesses and organizations throughout the state of Illinois. Our portfolio includes developments for major and national businesses in the USA including Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Save a lot, Dunkin Donuts, Dollar General, O’Reilly, Illinois Secretary of State, and many more. Customer satisfaction guarantee paved the road for our success. Therefore, the successful experience of those national clients made them come back to us for more deals and transactions.

Our goal is to find our client the most appropriate property location and price by dealing with highly skilled and experienced real-estate agents. We deal with topnotch architects and engineers who put their very best for efficient, safe, and attractive buildings. We have a large number of construction contractors to select from for serving the purpose of building the most appropriate building with the best possible price. Reducing the cost of the property, development, and construction allows us to relay this saving to our clients. Balancing between the quality of work and material, the cost, and promptness in delivery has the highest priority in our planning and decisions. Area Wide Property provides the options of either selling or leasing its properties. We have a well trained team of staff who are always available to provide all necessary services to our tenants.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we had offered and continue to offer to our current clients, and what we can offer to accommodate your plans and needs.

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